I understand what it’s like to start a business here in Kansas. I live and I love the entrepreneurial spirit!

I’m involved in several projects. The first, definitely a favorite, is CatholiCraft. It’s MineCraft, but for Sacramental Christians (Orthodox, Catholic, Episcopal, Anglican etc.) where their children can build, mine and craft away in a fun and safe environment. You can find it HERE.

One of my main business ventures is Floyd Enterprises, Inc. where I work in graphic design, web design and print layout. It’s a personal hobby, and is sometimes profitable! You can find out about it HERE.

For my web design customers, and for others who want to start a blog or an online store, I also offer web hosting through a Floyd Enterprises subsidiary, Who Inc. I offer among the cheapest hosting in the business with special discounts for 501(c) organizations. You can learn more about Who Inc. HERE.

Winfield Christian Academy is a small Private school that began as a HomeSchool project and is in the process of developing into a full preparatory academy. Learn more about WCA HERE.

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