Thanks for visiting Theo For Kansas. It’s an honor to be running a campaign to be your next governor. While I am not a career politician, I believe in fiscal responsibility, and in education. These are two things that don’t receive the attention that they deserve in our State, and they are my number one targets, if elected to serve you. This isn’t your typical campaign as it’s entirely self-funded, and online. You won’t see us on television ads, you won’t get emails from us (unless you subscribe), and you won’t get telephone calls or mail fliers.


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My entire reason for entering the campaign arena, is due entirely to education. While we raise taxes on consumables, we increase our spending and, as a result; we have no more money than we had when we began. This methodology of increase funds to increase spending has to stop. We have schools that do not have adequate heating and cooling. We have teachers living off of State programs to make ends meet. We have students that don’t have the materials that they need to increase their educational and productive potential.

It’s time that we focus on what matters. Our children are our future, and without a good, solid educational background we are dooming them to failure. I believe that teachers should make a salary that they can live off of, and that schools should have funding for the arts. We shouldn’t have to make compromises at the expense of a well rounded education. Modern materials, textbooks and technology need to be made available to our students in order to encourage learning, and ensure a higher success rate for our graduates.


March 7, 2014: The state Supreme Court rules that Kansas is violating the state constitution’s mandate that schools get equitable funding. It orders the Legislature to devote tens of millions of dollars to low-income districts and asks lower courts to reexamine school spending. April 17, 2014: Brownback signs HB 2338, stripping the state Supreme Court of the power to appoint chief judges to district courts. February 18, 2015: A chief district judge files a lawsuit against HB 2338, arguing that it is an unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers. June 4, 2015: Brownback signs a budget for the courts that threatens the state’s entire judicial budget if any court rules against HB 2338. September 2, 2015: District Judge Larry Hendricks finds HB 2338 unconstitutional and defunds the state courts. September 3, 2015: A constitutional crisis ensues: Hendricks agrees to put his ruling on hold until the state Supreme Court can resolve the HB 2338 case. September 4, 2015: Four judges file a new lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the “null and void” provision. September 18, 2015: Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, recuses himself from this case. In his place, he hires Bradley Schlozman and hatches a bizarre plan to shut down the judges’ lawsuit by convincing a Brownback-appointed judge in tiny Neosho County to freeze the “null and void” provision. November 10, 2015: Two weeks before the Kansas Supreme Court considers HB 2338, the state requests the recusal of every justice on the court. The chief justice recuses himself, but the other six justices hear the case. December 23, 2015: The state Supreme Court finds HB 2338 unconstitutional. February 8, 2016: Brownback signs a bill to reverse the “null and void” provision and preserve the judicial budget. February 11, 2016: The state Supreme Court threatens to shut down the schools if the state does not appropriate more money to them. Lawmakers pass a new budget that ignores the ruling. March 22, 2016: The Kansas Senate narrowly passes a bill that would let lawmakers impeach state judges for “discourteous conduct”, a measure that could be invoked if the state Supreme Court continues to challenge the Brownback administration.


This is only one example of the fiasco that Brownback created, and the chaos that ensued, all for the purpose of avoiding fair and equal funding to lower income areas and schools. This type of behavior is unconscionable and must be stopped. Irresponsible spending has crippled many of our schools. We, as Kansans, must collectively stand and make a statement. We care about our future, we care about our children. And we place their education above fat-cat spending programs. If elected, I will do all within my power to make this change.

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