RIP Ginger, Beloved Feline

As most of you are aware… My cat died. 05/27/2018 @ 15:47. I loved my cat very much, and spent a great deal of time and effort on ensuring her comfort. She died surrounded by all of us who loved her.

She was sitting on the piano bench, then her head drooped forward and her front legs went straight. She flopped off of the bench and landed on her head and back. She seized for a bit, then began breathing heavily with saliva pouring out of her mouth. We petted her and comforted her. When her breathing stopped, I attempted CPR, but to no avail. There was nothing to be done.

We buried her under her favourite evergreen where she caught the most birds and would sleep on hot summer days. I engraved a large rock with her name, and we placed flowers. I see her grave every morning when I leave for work and when I come home for lunch/leave after lunch and after work, and I grieve as if it just happened all over again. I’m miserable without her. I miss her terribly.

She slept on my lap every night, and awoke me every morning at precisely 06:30. At 07:30 she would sit by the child gate waiting for me to open it, then she’d trot to the front door and wait for me to let her out. When I got home for lunch, she was there waiting to greet me, rub against my legs, and sit in the kitchen meowing to me as I cooked my lunch.  She was ready to go back outside when I left for work, and when I got home in the evening, there she was, rolling around on the ground tempting me to scratch her belly, then digging her claws in when I did. She’d wander around, sit by my chair during supper, and then wait for me to lay down so she could snuggle.

It’s so different and so empty without her…